In-Office Sedation and General Anesthesia

Laura Matsunaga, D.D.S.
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• Fearful/Dental-phobic Adults
• Hyperactive Gag Reflex Symptoms
• Uncooperative Pediatric Patients
• Handicapped/Medically Compromised Patients
• Patients with Time Constraints who need Extensive Treatment

The decision to undergo I.V. Sedation will allow you to painlessly and safely receive dental treatment. New medications and the sole dedication of a dentist anesthesiologist has allowed dental anesthesia to become safer than ever before.

One of the wonderful aspects of I.V. Sedation is it's ability to be customized to the specific desires of both the patient and the treating dentist. You may be awake and relaxed or sedated and dreaming of your favorite vacation.

Having a dentist anesthesiologist solely dedicated to the anesthesia allows for greater safety. The treating dentist will be relieved of the responsibilities of the anesthesia and will be able to focus on the dental procedures. In most cases, multiple visits may be condensed into a single appointment.

The familiar surroundings of your own dentist's office will also help you through this anxious time. You will not have to endure going to the intimidating hospital operating room at it's high cost. The same monitoring equipment that is in the operating room will be brought into your dentist's office. State of the art monitoring equipment includes a NIBP ( non-invasive blood pressure ), Pulse Oxymetry, EKG, Temperature, Respiration Rate, and a Precordial Stethescope. Emergency medical equipment equivalent to that carried by the E.M.S. ( Emergency Medical System) is brought to every dental office.

Forms that are necessary for your safest possible treatment can be found on our Patient Area. Please read them carefully and answer all questions to the best of your ability. Please follow all recommended guidelines carefully. The safety of the patient is paramount.

I will contact you prior to the dental appointment to ask certain medical questions and answer any questions you may have.

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